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Online freelancing is a trillion dollar industry. Millions of people have learned how to make money online using their freelancer brands. Tapping into this mega-industry requires the right strategy in order to succeed. This book provides you with tips you can use to earn money online with or without a freelancing platform. Learning how to make money online using freelancing is made easier with the knowledge provided in this book.

Developed by an UpWork Top Rated Freelancer and Level 2 Fiverr Seller, this book guarantees success. You will learn how to make money online by:
•Understanding the psychology of freelancing
•Creating your freelancer brand
•Choosing the right freelancer platform
•Becoming a Top Rated Freelancer on UpWork
•Succeeding on Fiverr
•How to work outside of a freelancing platform
•Promoting your brand effectively

Apply everything you learn effectively and share your success with others.

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the art of deception-04

Mark finally had everything he could dream of – the perfect woman, friends and family who loved him, and a career-changing story at the newspaper about the mayor’s mistress and his seedy backroom deals. Little did Mark know that his big break was about to take a sinister turn when his girlfriend was kidnapped right before his story was to be published. Unbeknownst to Mark, the mayor was a member of a secret society that had been running the city for decades and would stop at no lengths to protect both its members and itself.

In a thrilling world where no one is what they seem, and every character is at the mercy of the all-powerful organization known only as “The Society”, will our hero be able to untangle the web of deception and save the love of his life in time? Through dangerous twists and turns in this new world obsessed with power, wealth, and secrecy, Mark must rely on his friends, and his own sheer determination, to take back the woman he loves from the evil grips of The Society. Part love story, part mystery and part thriller, The Art of Deception will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you begging for the sequel.

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Becoming the Best You

Becoming the Best You is being hailed by critics as “inspiring and applicable” and “insightful and intuitive”. For the low price of $2.99 you get a concise book filled with inspiration for you to live a successful life. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your copy today at either the iBookstore, the Amazon store, or the Nook store using any of the following links.



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