When Life Gets Hectic…

Drink matcha. Seriously, it tastes awesome! However, that's not really what I want to talk about. My life has become so busy that I hardly find time to take a breather. I have a headache almost every day and, on some days, these headaches transform into borderline migraines. Sometimes it honestly feels like I'm drowning.... Continue Reading →

How To Energize Your Business for Financial Success

Entrepreneurship is an important part of financial freedom. Your 9 to 5 has its limitations. Owning a successful business helps you break free of these limitations. Creating a business that allows you to earn an income while pursuing your passion is the doorway to a world of happiness and financial freedom.  The road beyond the... Continue Reading →

4 Amazing Ways to Gain Financial Focus

Twenty somethings tend to overlook a crucial point that ultimately affects our financial future. We're busy focusing on finding ourselves, having fun, starting families, and building our careers. The crucial point is that the financial decisions made during this early period will affect us for life. It's good to take risks and make mistakes. That's... Continue Reading →

5 Killer Strategies for Conquering 2018

There is only one thing separating you from everything you're capable of achieving...your mindset. The circumstances and experiences of your life can delay the accomplishment of your goals, but only you stand in the way of making your dreams real. It has taken me 27 years to truly realize and embrace this truth. This doesn't... Continue Reading →

Keep Swinging

Billy Ray Cyrus said something on The Voice tonight that really struck me. He looked at Shilo, one of the artistes he was helping his daughter Miley coach, and said,  When you're pursuing a dream, never stop swinging till you hit the ball. Baseball was one of the sports I liked in prep school (yes,... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Bounce Back After a Setback

Welcome to the boxing ring of life! You enter feeling like a champion; clothed in your gold-lined robe, champion's belt, and state-of-the-art boxing gloves. Nothing can deter a champion. The ropes are parted and you step into the ring. The crowd screams your name. Looking up,, however, you see someone you didn't expect. Life, your... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to the Broken Woman

Dear Amazing Woman, Your struggles are real. They've left you feeling like you can't pick up the pieces and mend your life. Hurt has been a part of your norm for so long that you don't understand what true happiness feels like. Being broken, however, doesn't mean that you're damaged goods. This letter has been... Continue Reading →

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