Rica Kelly_Empowering Women for a Better Tomorrow_September 2017

Women are powerful. They are more than just homemakers, loving mothers, and dutiful wives. Equipped with finesse, intelligence, and intuition that often surpasses that of their male counterparts, women are stellar leaders and change agents.  Rica Kelly is a young woman who fervently believes that women are unstoppable with education. Education is the fuel they... Continue Reading →


Adiel Thomas_ Making Enchanting Melodies_ August 2017

Finding passion and purpose in life is rare. As Myles Monroe put it in his book Discovering Your Potential, more often than not we’re contributing to the wealth of the graveyard. Many people die without living their potential. Adiel Thomas is a young man who knew his purpose from the tender age of 8; he... Continue Reading →

Jason Bailey_ A Sparkle of Belief_ July 2017

The concept of being able to achieve whatever we perceive seems quite simple. However, when reality hits we realize that achieving the seemingly impossible isn’t as simple as it seems. Jason Bailey’s journey has been one filled with an inherent belief in what he can accomplish.  His aptitude and immense talent were hidden throughout his... Continue Reading →

Karelle Samuda_ Champion for the Vulnerable_ May 2017

  Karelle Samuda was born for leadership. Motivated by her parents’ steadfast emphasis on quality education, Karelle has embarked on several international degrees that have brought her innate leadership skills to the forefront. Each educational journey she has taken has provided her with immeasurable experience in international policies, governance, and public sector management. She has... Continue Reading →

A Voice of Hope- Kyesha Randall-April 2017

Sometimes others see the beauty in us that we fail to see in ourselves. Kyesha Randall has been supported by people who have believed in her since birth. Her life hasn’t been void of challenges. However, she has stood resolute in her belief that everyone can overcome adversity. Following in the footsteps of her inspiration,... Continue Reading →

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