Karelle Samuda_ Champion for the Vulnerable_ May 2017

  Karelle Samuda was born for leadership. Motivated by her parents’ steadfast emphasis on quality education, Karelle has embarked on several international degrees that have brought her innate leadership skills to the forefront. Each educational journey she has taken has provided her with immeasurable experience in international policies, governance, and public sector management. She has... Continue Reading →

A Voice of Hope- Kyesha Randall-April 2017

Sometimes others see the beauty in us that we fail to see in ourselves. Kyesha Randall has been supported by people who have believed in her since birth. Her life hasn’t been void of challenges. However, she has stood resolute in her belief that everyone can overcome adversity. Following in the footsteps of her inspiration,... Continue Reading →

February 2014- Alvin Harris

There is a common saying that states “Nothing in this world worth having comes easy”.  Alvin Harris is one of many young people whose life reflects this concept. At the age of twenty-three, he has a B.Sc. in Economics and Statistics and is currently pursuing an MSc in Economics. One would look at his warm... Continue Reading →

January 2014- Timar Jackson

Within every individual lies the potential to become a great success but, the sad reality is that the people who actively seek to tap into this potential are rare. Timar Jackson can be likened to a rare diamond in the ruff who, despite his circumstances, has managed to tap into his unlimited potential and become... Continue Reading →

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