Adiel Thomas_ Making Enchanting Melodies_ August 2017

Finding passion and purpose in life is rare. As Myles Monroe put it in his book Discovering Your Potential, more often than not we’re contributing to the wealth of the graveyard. Many people die without living their potential. Adiel Thomas is a young man who knew his purpose from the tender age of 8; he was born to help others experience the beauty of music.

His Early Life

Adiel always knew that he had a knack for music. The average person would bob his or her head while listening to a song on the radio, but 8 year old Adiel would always hear something different. He would identify all of the deficiencies in the songs and ponder on what he could do to improve them. That was when he knew that he wanted to pursue music full-time.

However, he had to be wise and strategic about his plan. Anything could happen while pursuing his passion. So, he knew that he would need a sensible backup plan; something to fall back on if anything should delay the progress of his dream. When he was 16 years old, he went to Northern Caribbean University (NCU) to pursue a BA in Communication Studies.

Upon graduating, he secured a job at Manchester High School as the music teacher and choir director. His invaluable input catapulted the choir towards its first victory in TVJ’s All Together Sing competition.

His Musical Journey               

He left his teaching career in 2013 to pursue music fulltime. This was one of the easiest decisions of his life. It has been full of a fun collection of experiences ever since.  He has toured with his group Ministry, , compiled his first group album dubbed College Days,   managed another group, ‘Humble’ under his label Ministry Music, learntt how to do his own marketing and promotion, led voice training sessions with groups across Jamaica, and currently serves as the musical director for the Grace Baptist church. Each experience helps him to learn more about himself and others every day.

Getting to this point, however, wasn’t easy. He had saved 80 percent of his money from teaching to build a studio so that he could have his own equipment to record. He also became heavily involved in multiple business ventures in order to capitalize on multiple streams of income. Unfortunately, one of his business ventures failed and he essentially lost all of the money he had saved. Imagine losing everything you worked so hard to attain! This was a very hard time for him. In fact, money was so scarce that he was essentially eating the same thing every day for about 6 months: bread and butter, rice and mackerel, oatmeal…the cheapest foods he could purchase to survive. Nevertheless, looking back on the experience he believes the suffering was worth the reward.

He recently released his new single Kingston which can be viewed below.

He has a wide repertoire of songs he has written based on his own experiences. These songs cover a range of genres and will appeal to a wide variety of people. His purpose in life is to write stories through music that bring joy and hope to people’s lives. Visit his website to learn more.

His Final Words

  • You were made by God who is the ultimate Creator. God has given you the power to create and to define your own destiny. So, use the talents you’ve been given to bring love to the world. By doing this you honor the Creator.
  • Some people will take longer than others to fulfill their purpose on earth.Never stop trying to find your purpose and never stop trying to fulfill it. If you stop, your life will literally be pointless.

Want to keep up with Adiel’s latest events and music? Check out his social media pages at the following links.



Sound Cloud



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