Jason Bailey_ A Sparkle of Belief_ July 2017

The concept of being able to achieve whatever we perceive seems quite simple. However, when reality hits we realize that achieving the seemingly impossible isn’t as simple as it seems. Jason Bailey’s journey has been one filled with an inherent belief in what he can accomplish.  His aptitude and immense talent were hidden throughout his high school life and never truly blossomed until he made a life-changing decision in 2010.

Finding His Way

Jason’s childhood dream was to become a medical doctor.  So, his natural educational path was to pursue the Sciences at both the CSEC and CAPE levels. In sixth form, one of his friends encouraged him to pursue Actuarial Science because of his strong Math skills. However, not doing Math at the CAPE level impeded him from applying for that program.

Nevertheless, Jason knew that whatever he chose to do would have to challenge him. He loves challenges. So, he applied for the Mathematics and Economics double major program at UWI and was accepted for the 2008-2009 academic year.

He immersed himself in Chancellor Hall life. There was nothing more exciting that feeling like he was a part of a great fraternity. Activities abounded and he was able to meet a diverse group of people. Becoming enthralled with the Chancellor Hall experience, however, meant that Jason’s academic life was placed on the backburner. His focus was misdirected.

While browsing the newspapers one day, Jason saw an Actuarial Science program at NCU being advertised.  The program piqued his interest and he applied. Little did he know that this program would catapult him towards great success.

Unprecedented Success

Jason thrived at NCU. With renewed focus, he completed his BSc in Mathematics with Actuarial Science in 2013 magna cum lade with a 3.81 GPA. He also chose to pursue an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Science to broaden his knowledge-base. Pursuing this degree meant that he had to spend an additional semester at NCU, but he graduated with a 3.86 GPA in 2014.

This didn’t mark the end of his academic journey. In his mind, he had something to prove to UWI. Therefore, he applied for the Masters in Enterprise Risk Management program in 2014. He graduated at the top of his class with a perfect 4.0 GPA!

Building His Talents


A high aptitude isn’t all that Jason has going for him. He is also a talented bass guitarist and singer. Playing the bass guitar, however, is his true passion. He enjoys creating a connection with other musicians through music, the flexibility of playing a variety of genres, and the greater opportunities to network. No one would guess that he didn’t start playing the bass guitar until 2012.

Jason views life as an opportunity to continuously learn new things and engage in new experiences. Life is more than just being buried in our phones 24/7. He is always open to trying new things. His most recent pursuit is becoming actively involved in Toastmasters. Toastmasters is an international organization that helps members develop their public speaking skills.  He has a curious mind and constantly searches for opportunities to positively feed his curiosity.

His Future

Jason’s dreams aren’t much different from the average man’s. He hopes to start a family and sharpen his musical, swimming, analytical, and problem solving skills. However, one of his most important dreams is to be a nation-builder. Within the next 5 years he wants to motivate others, become a mentor for struggling youth, host charity events, provide a scholarship for a less fortunate child in high school, and help students with Math at both the primary and high school levels. His determination and focus make his noble goals quite attainable.

His Words to You

  • Always try to be better than you were yesterday. Never settle and make yourself your biggest competition.
  • Don’t look at disappointments as a setback. Use them as opportunities to do better. Giving up should never be an option. Jason has received many offers because of his character, work ethic, and academic successes.
  • Live a life of integrity. Always strive to be good to people. You never know who can become a key person in your life in the future. Always strive to have a positive impact on someone’s life.




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