An Open Letter to the Broken Woman

Dear Amazing Woman,

Your struggles are real. They’ve left you feeling like you can’t pick up the pieces and mend your life. Hurt has been a part of your norm for so long that you don’t understand what true happiness feels like. Being broken, however, doesn’t mean that you’re damaged goods. This letter has been written to help you mend the pieces and build yourself back up.

You are enough. Let no one tell you otherwise. Who you are, flaws and all, is enough for the people who truly love you. Those who can’t accept you are toxic for your life. Let them go. Don’t try to be perfect for anyone else. Accept who you are and only work on the things that can help you become a better person.

You are beautiful. The average woman doesn’t have flawless skin, excellent curves, a perfect face, and gorgeous eyes. She has stretch marks, cellulite, marks on her skin, and other blemishes from the wear and tear of life. Stop trying to be like the images portrayed on social  media. You are beautiful….believe that.

You are strong. Every day you make a decision to get up and face the world. Making that decision, despite the nature of your circumstances, makes you strong. You can overcome any obstacle with faith, determination, and the right mindset. Utilize these characteristics to give you the strength you need.

You are capable. Let no one belittle you. Don’t feed the power of anyone who tries to put you down. Feed yourself with positive energy. Regardless of how daunting a task may seem, believe that you can do it and you will get it done.  Silence the naysayers!

You have a purpose. You weren’t born by accident. Your absence from the world will leave a gap that no one else can truly fill. Find your purpose and accomplish your destiny.

Being broken doesn’t make you weak. It gives you the experiences you need to become a stronger woman. Always remember that you are: enough, beautiful, strong, capable, and built for a special purpose. Love yourself and step into your destiny.

With love,



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