5 Amazing Ways to Grow Where You Are Planted

Two things profoundly impacted me this week. Two very simple things, nothing life altering. The first thing was a video published on JMMB’s Facebook page featuring Rochelle Cameron.  Powerful positivity oozed from my screen as I watched it. It affirmed the new perspective I have adopted for my life and enhanced my focus.  The second thing was a perspective that was shared in a meeting that has been gnawing at me. Simply put, frustration forces you to look at obstacles as insurmountable. A better outlook is viewing an obstacle as a challenge that can be defeated instead of a frustrating stumbling block.

The perspectives I have garnered from both experiences have caused me to reminisce. One thought that truly stood out to me from Rochelle’s interview was the fact that we should stop questioning why we are where we are. We’re there for a reason and are impacting people in ways unbeknownst to us. Throughout my life I have been in several places I never wanted to be. Reflecting on my growth has resulted in these 5 amazing tips that I’m sharing with you.

All Criticism Can Help You Grow

The sad reality is that very few people are great communicators and leaders. Many people don’t know how to convey criticism in a way that motivates and inspires. When dealing with these people, pick out the areas of the feedback you’re being given that can truly help you to grow. Dispel anger and the natural instinct to defend yourself. Sift through all of the negative verbal and non-verbal cues and listen to the areas you need to work on. Take the criticism and put in the work to improve.

Be Positive

It’s often hard to be positive in a negative space. Exuding positivity, however, depends on your perspective on life. You can choose to either impact or be impacted by your surroundings. Choosing the former helps you plant seeds that will flourish.

Accept Opportunities

The clichéd saying “when one door closes another opens” will always be true.  The question is: what will you do when that door opens? We often shy away from opportunities because we’re afraid to come out of our comfort zones. We’re afraid of change. The only way to truly grow is to step outside of your comfort zone. Accept the opportunities that are presented to you. They can be stepping-stones to bigger and better things.

Interact Positively

No one should walk away from you feeling belittled. All of your interactions should help to uplift those around you, not tear them down. Choose to be a light despite the darkness around you. Don’t let the negativity consume you.

Remain Humble

Pride comes before a fall. Narcissism, greed, and pride take you on a path that leads nowhere. Regardless of your status in life, remain humble. Humility teaches us to accept our individuality while appreciating the beauty of others.  Never laud your talents, power, or status over anyone.


Growth is never-ending. Each day is a learning process. Use the strategies outlined in this article to take the necessary steps towards true growth. I guarantee that this approach will have a profound impact on the direction your life takes.


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