3 Ways to Remain Optimistic

Darkness can shroud our light if we allow it to. Its shadow lurks in the background of our minds, waiting for the perfect opportunity to entrap us.  The Creator knew what He was doing when He created day and night. Even in the dark night sky, stars form specks of light. Light can overcome darkness. Even in the most difficult of situations, it is possible to hold your head high and embrace optimism.

Optimism opens doors. Let me be clear. This is not the optimism of fairy tales and happily ever after. It’s the optimism that provides a realistic perspective on life, but embraces hope.  You see, the moment we lose hope is the moment darkness wins. We fall victim to pessimism and the peril of defeat. This article highlights 3 practical ways to make this possible.

Enriching Your Mind

Experts in psychology, personal development, and life coaching all begin at the same place with their clients: the mind. What you think is what you become. Your situation won’t change until your perspective on it does. Feed your mind with edifying thoughts. Reiterate positive words and reflect on positive experiences. Transform “I can’t” into “I can”. Beginning with your thoughts sets the framework for allowing your light to overpower your darkness.

Focus on What You Can Control

Humans are very limited in certain capacities. We have no control over the circumstances life chooses to throw at us. It can become easy to think that Mother Nature has a vendetta against you. Killing yourself trying to control everything and find a solution guarantees unhappiness. You can’t fix everything. You can’t make your life perfect.  Focus instead on the daily things you can control. Things will fall into place. Trust the process and ensure that you make time to do the things that make you happy.

Stay In-Tune With Your Spirituality

Never neglect your relationship with your Creator. Regardless of your religious persuasion, there is a Higher Power watching over us. People who are truly in-tune with this omniscient being are the most zen people you’ll ever meet.  Nothing worries them because they truly believe that this higher power is in control. Take the time to meditate and embrace peace. Peace provides positive perspective and helps you conquer any challenges that may be hurled at you.

No matter what happens in life, use these 3 tips to help you remain optimistic. Life is meant for enjoyment. Don’t let it pass you by because you’re trapped by disappointment. Shake it off and step into your true destiny.


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