5 Proven Ways to Shine in Freelancing

Relationships. That’s what it all boils down to. Freelancing is about building and maintaining relationships. The best freelancers understand this fact and lay a solid foundation for their businesses based on it. Solid relationships are the fibre that binds everything we do to make our businesses survive . Everything that follows in this article is based on this premise. There’s no way that you can utilize any of these strategies without establishing solid relationships. Each strategy has its place, but never forget the power of forging lasting relationships.

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Strategy #1: Always Deliver

Freelancing is a balancing act. We learn to become expert jugglers of multiple tasks and responsibilities. This becomes exceedingly true when we have to contend with a full-time job and the demands of our freelance clients. It’s important to keep juggling. Don’t let a ball fall out of place. Always strive to exceed everyone’s expectations for you. Even when you don’t feel like it, just get your shit together and get things done. Clients hire you to make their lives easier. Your ability to do that will determine how they perceive you and whether or not they’ll recommend you to others.

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Strategy #2: Communicate

Regularly updating a client about the progress of a project sets you apart from many other freelancers. It also makes the client more inclined to grant you an extension if needed. Allow your client to provide feedback throughout the project instead of at the end. Facilitating communication in this way avoids misconceptions and leaves both you and the client satisfied.

Communication also involves responding to correspondence in a timely manner. Set a realistic schedule for yourself. How quickly can you respond to emails? The answer depends on your work schedule and personal obligations. However, never allow a day to pass without you responding to your clients’ emails.

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Strategy #3: Become a Lifelong Learner

Mastering your craft is only possible if you continue to perfect it. Enroll in short courses that boost your credentials and give you the requisite knowledge to provide exceptional service and output. Clients will be clamoring to hire you when you can truly portray yourself as an expert.

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Strategy #4: Be Tactful

Let’s be honest. There are some clients who can really test your faith, patience, and every ounce of good energy you have. Breathe deeply. Think carefully. Never type a response while angry. It’s better to walk away for a few minutes and then craft a response when you’re in a better frame of mind. Remember you’re trying to build relationships, not tear them down before they even begin.

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Strategy #5: Value “Me” Time

Life is about balance. It’s important to work hard, but playing hard is equally as important. Each week, regardless of how hectic our life is, find some time for yourself. Take a walk, meditate, hang out with some friends…just do something that helps you unwind. You’ll be better able to meet all of your demands when you inject a bit of “me” time into your life.


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Excelling in freelancing is possible. Nothing worth having comes easily. It’s a rough road. However, implementing these strategies will help you become a freelancer unlike any other. Use them and let me know how it goes. You can learn more useful tips for succeeding in freelancing by purchasing this ebook.


Christine is a content marketing professional. Her passion for writing resulted in the creation of her company CEM Writing Services. Learn more by visiting cemwritingservices.com



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