2 Clear Cut Ways to Land Your Dream Job

The period between mid-twenties and early thirties is often the toughest period of life. We’re still figuring out what we really want to do, trying to settle on a career, getting out finances in order, and figuring out how to start a family. Oftentimes, where people start is not where they end up. There are three categories of people who are searching for what they deem to be their dream jobs:

  • Those who are currently frustrated and depressed in their current jobs
  • Those who feel unfulfilled because they aren’t pursuing their passion
  • Those who are fine with their current jobs, but are still yearning for more

Regardless of the category you fall into, there really are 2 clear-cut ways for you to land your dream job. Follow them to the T and you will be surprised by the results.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Nothing trumps relevant work experience. Financing higher education is ridiculously expensive. So, you may not be able to go back to school to get a relevant degree.  You can, however, better position yourself for the perfect job by volunteering in the industry.

Time is your greatest asset. Find the time to volunteer with organizations related to your passions. If you do some research and talk to the right people, you may even discover paid or unpaid internship opportunities at your dream company. The more you put yourself out there, the greater the likelihood of you even meeting someone who’ll present you with a job offer you can’t refuse.  Learn how to leverage your greatest asset (time) in order to gain huge returns.

 Work the Interview like a Boss

So, you’ve gotten your foot through the door. You have a little prep in your step and confidence in your stride as you walk towards the waiting room. You keep telling yourself, “You’ve got this.” Very few people are able to keep this confidence in the moments they sit anxiously waiting to be called into the interview room. Winning any job requires the ability to impress the interviewer. You have no idea what the interview panel will ask. However, you can still enter the interview with a solid plan so that you can make the best lasting impression.

These 3 steps will help you prepare well for your interview (adapted from Liz Ryan’s article Three Simple Steps to Triumph in a Job Interview ) :

  1. Conduct targeted pre-interview research. Your aim is to appeal to the hiring manager (the person in that room who will ultimately be your boss). Your research should help you identify at least one key area that would have resulted in that manager requesting permission to create the position you’re applying for. You are trying to answer the questions: “How can I make my manager’s life easier?” and “How can I add value to the company?”
  2. Ask the right questions that will encourage your hiring manager to speak about his or her areas of frustration. The best time to ask questions is when an open-ended question is posed to you. One of the most popular open-ended questions that pops-up at the beginning of an interview is “Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?” This is the perfect time to ask a question about the job that relates to your research. Ensure that you have answers that demonstrate how your skills and experience fit in with what the company needs.
  3. Relate an experience that you’ve had where you’ve solved a problem similar to the one the company is facing.

Recruiters conduct hundreds of interviews on a weekly basis. You have to do whatever you can to stand out. If you really want this job, find the right pain point and work it into your interview. Show the interview panel that you are an innovator and problem-solver…a good addition to any team.


There really are two fundamental ways to land your dream job: get the relevant experience and knock the ball out of the park at the interview. Master both elements using the tips previously outlined and you’ll be one step closer to where you want to be.


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