Ridiculous Politricks

Call me stupid, but I expect a lot from our country’s leaders. I expect our leaders to have realistic solutions for the issues that are the root causes of the problems our country faces. I expect that politics should be less about power and more about service; serving the greater good. I can already tell that, just like the general elections, Jamaica’s local government elections are going to be one big joke. When a person vying for the position of local government minister can say, “If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, don’t vote for the PNP” instead of talking about the real issues people face, something is wrong. Is it that the only concerns of people at the local government level are mosquito-borne diseases and  poor roads?

Both parties have done very little to convince me to have faith in our political system. Jamaicans are crying out for help and the leaders aren’t listening. We are crying out for:

  1. more job opportunities for youth
  2. the creation of a truly educated population especially in inner city communities
  3. a thriving economy created through a deals that allow us to develop a thriving export sector
  4. a society based on a pursuit for excellence instead of based on a backward mentality

Are there leaders who are more concerned about these issues than winning votes? As far as I can tell, those vying for political positions aren’t 100% committed to representing the very people who voted for them. It’s a ridiculous and vicious cycle that has left me disenchanted.


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