The Journey of a Misguided Misfit

Cheers to those who have life all figured out! Kudos to you! For those who are still navigating the perilous waters, this article is for you. The winds of life tend to push our sails in a variety of directions. Persistent winds take us off the course we’ve charted. Choppy waters and storm like conditions are often common features of this new direction we’re forced to traverse.  Is there calm in the storm? We have no clue. All we can do is hope that there are peaceful seas and a beautiful sunrise ahead.

My life has been one filled with persistent winds. When I was ten years old, I figured I had my life all figured out. I knew the career path I would take and the work it required. I knew when I wanted to get married and how many children I wanted to have. Oh how I wish I could look at my innocent ten year old face and say, “This is absolute shit!”  Pursuing my career path meant that I stuck to science subjects when I entered grades 10, 11, 12 and 13. After all, that’s what people who want to become doctors do. Little did I know that that wasn’t the path that was meant for me. Yes, I got good enough grades and enjoyed Biology. However, by my second year at university I realized that I had guided myself down the wrong path.

Society made me feel like I wasn’t enough. My grades were good, but not good enough to get me into medical school. People viewed me as quiet and serious. Nothing interesting. I got involved in several activities and felt most fulfilled when I was leading the charge as External Affairs Person (EAC) for Rex Nettleford Hall. You see, this position helped me to truly discover how much I loved planning and helping make a difference. My desire to make a difference influenced me to run for Deputy Hall Chair of the Hall. I won. However, the mistakes and frustrations I had throughout that year made me feel like less of a person, instead of like someone who was coming into her own.

Financial strain and family issues took me into even choppier waters. I graduated with a degree I didn’t really want to enter a career I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in. I had no choice. Working was a must so that I would be able to provide for my family. This career has helped me develop a backbone and a strength I never knew I had. It helps me to make a difference in children’s lives and cannot be discredited for its nobility. Teaching. A combination of joy and sorrow, triumphs and failures, hits and misses. No one can compare to someone who is truly gifted at teaching.

That person, however, isn’t me. I try my best and enjoy most of it. However, what I have grown to realize is that my natural gifting, the thing that I am most passionate about, is writing.  Using words to paint a gorgeous masterpiece fascinates me.  Had I realized this sooner, I would have taken the necessary steps to enter a career in content marketing. Nevertheless, the cliché saying “experience teaches wisdom” is applicable here. All of the storms I have been through have helped mold me into a better person. The experiences I have had have shaped me for a lifetime.

I’m ready to see the calm in the storm, the sun on the horizon.  As I embark on my journey to become a content marketing expert, I hope to truly ignite the passion that burns within me. If you have a story about discovering your path late in life, please feel free to share it here. I’d love to hear your thoughts and how your discovery has changed your life.


3 thoughts on “The Journey of a Misguided Misfit

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  1. I can’t say I have life all figured out, but I certainly knew what I wanted even in high school and planned accordingly.

    I wanted to write but knew it wouldn’t pay the bills by itself, so I studied liberal arts for inspiration for two years, and then business for four. I don’t regret it both those degrees helped to make me the writer I am now, and I also work in content management. I’m good at it, but more of a novelist at heart.

    PS – I’m Jamaican and attended your university’s rival.

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