Stop Complaining. Start Campaigning.

stop complaining
Put an end to complaining (Image Source)

Sirens blare. Blue lights flash. The town is in upheaval. Burning tires litter the streets. Angry mobs begin to converge. Tear gas cannisters sail through the air. Screams echo. This terrifying image only skims the surface of what goes on in the mind of a complainer. For a complainer, everything about life is unfair and the world is coming to an end. It’s tragedy times ten. With such a scene wreaking havoc in his mind, progress is unachievable.

Complaining is engulfed by a cloud of negativity. It stifles progress and sucks the life out of the people it touches. People will say that complaining has its place when you’ve received poor service or a poor quality product. I beg to differ. There is a stark difference between raising hell, using harsh language, or creating a scene to get your point across and intelligently conveying your displeasure in a calm manner. The former elicits a defensive response while the latter makes it more likely for others to listen.

Nevertheless, in order for you to succeed you have to let go of the habit of complaining. Stop complaining and start campaigning. Start campaigning for change in your life. Start campaigning for taking the necessary steps towards becoming your best self. Start campaigning for gaining more opportunities and experiences. These 3 campaigns will take your life on a path that a complaining mindset would never be able to.

Campaign #1: Campaign for Change

If you’re unhappy at your job and bogged down with life, do something about it! Sitting around bemoaning the pitfalls will do nothing to make them go away. Create a plan to make a change to your circumstances. Ensure that the plan has a SMART goal and clearly defined steps for reaching that goal.

Campaign #2: Campaign for Becoming the Best You

Erase negativity from your life. Focus on self-development and self-renewal.It’s easy to become bitter when we allow life to consume us. Instead of allowing that to happen to you, consume things and experiences that will boost your morale. The more you embrace positivity is the quicker complaining will be a thing of the past.

Campaign #3: Campaign for Embracing Life

Our focus is often centered on acquiring material things. We become so focused on doing all that we can to get that dream car, dream house, or latest technological gadget that life passes us by. When we realise that we’re nowhere near where we’d hoped we’d be in relation to our goals, complaining takes center stage. Avoid this by not only setting realistic timeframes for your goals, but also by making a conscious decision to place some emphasis on investing in experiences. Material things wear out over time, experiences are etched in your mind forever.

Make it your mission to embark on these 3 campaigns in your life. Let complaining become a thing of the past. Start living.



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