3 Ways to Increase Your Circle of Influence

Look into the horizon (Image source)

The circle of influence is a term coined by Stephen R. Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey defines the circle of influence as the concerns that we have control over. It speaks to a proactive mindset of finding solutions instead of bemoaning dismal circumstances. In my book Becoming the Best You: Ten Pressure Points that Lead to a Successful Life I speak about the power of the mind. What you think is what you become. I want to extend Covey’s definition a bit and focus on how developing the right mindset can increase the number of people you’re able to influence. Therefore, my definition of the circle of influence is the group of people who are impacted by your proactive mindset.

In businessit is crucial for you to establish a strong circle of influence. Your circle of influence includes your employees, partners, and customers. Making the right impact on them not only boosts your brands image, it also allows you to stand out in a highly competitive landscape. These 3 tips will help you improve your impact on your circle of influence.

Tip #1: Be Personable

No one wants to be around someone who either makes them feel terrible or isn’t someone they can relate to. Don’t be the type of boss who looks himself away in his office and rarely interacts with staff or customers. Immerse yourself in every aspect of your business. Walk the floors. Talk to your staff. Talk to your customers. Let them know that you’re approachable and willing to listen to their needs.

Tip #2: Be Solution Oriented

How you think will affect how your business functions. The greatest inventors and businessmen never had the word “impossible” in their vocabularies.Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up on inventing the light bulb. We would still be dependent on kerosene lanterns with poor illumination. Increasing your circle of influence requires that you take the word “impossible” out of your vocabulary. Know your strengths and weaknesses and hire talented people to fill in where you fall short. There is always a solution; it just takes a bit of time and a lot of effort to make the solution reality.

Tip #3: Never Neglect Those Who Support You

You can’t face life alone. Regardless of our backgrounds or personalities, we all need people in our corners. As your business begins to take off it can become easy to neglect those who were there with you from day one. Never allow that to happen. Carve out the time to show these people how much you appreciate them. Listen to their advice. They will be your greatest allies and harshest critics. Allow them to keep you in check. Keep them as constants in your life. Your influence on them impacts their influence on others.The more they respect you and you respect them, the more people you’ll be able to impact.


These 3 tips can take you very far in life. Be personable, view the world through eyes of possibilities, and never neglect those people who’ve had your back. Do these things and your circle of influence will dramatically increase resulting in a major boost for your business.


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