Unrequited Love is Unattractive…Thoughtful Ramblings

What happens when a man doesn’t truly value what he has? What happens when you know the value you bring to the table and how well the two of you would work together but he doesn’t see it? The answer is simple…you end up with your heart broken by unrequited love. Every man needs a queen and every woman a king. However, when either party gets caught up in the high, hearts are broken.

If a man doesn’t want you LET HIM GO! Why hold on to someone who doesn’t appreciate who you are and what you have to offer? It’s pointless to consume yourself with thoughts and possibilities. Things will never change. There’s nothing that you can or should have to do to get him to see your perspective. JUST LET HIM GO. 

So what if he’s happy and you’re left alone. So what if it becomes blatantly obvious that there must be something wrong with you. Life goes on and there are much more important things to focus on. Focus on networking, building friendships, and becoming the best version of yourself. Don’t be drawn into the bulls*** of unrequited love. Stop being attracted to someone who doesn’t want you.


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